Tooth Pain Relief

When your jaw or teeth hurt, it is hard to concentrate on anything else. You can become irritable and even have trouble sleeping at night. Oral pain should not be ignored or tolerated. It means that something is wrong and you need general dental treatment. At Taylor Dental & Implant Center, we never want our patients to tolerate dental or jaw pain when there are many ways we can offer relief. If you are in oral pain, please call our office and come in for a checkup. We can find the source of your pain and find a solution to give you relief.

Tooth pain, whether sharp or dull, is a symptom of a problem with your tooth. It can be a crack or damage to the structure, allowing heat or cold to impact the nerves inside the pulp of the tooth. Decay or infection are other causes of dental pain. Whether you need a crack repaired, a cavity filled or root canal therapy to relieve an infected tooth, we are here to help. Our dentists can examine your tooth and find the cause of the pain, then offer a treatment to stop the discomfort.

Treatment for Jaw Pain

Jaw pain is often related to dental issues. Bruxism, or teeth grinding, can cause jaw pain. You may also suffer from jaw pain if your teeth are out of alignment or if you have lost teeth. To determine the problem, come in for a diagnosis for your jaw issue. We will determine what is causing the pain in your jaw and offer treatment options. Wearing a nightguard, orthodontics or fixing uneven teeth can be the solution for relieving your jaw pain.

Never live with tooth or jaw pain when you can get relief with dental care. Contact Taylor Dental & Implant Center the next time you experience oral pain and find relief.

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