Sedation Dentistry

Do you experience anxiety when facing dental treatments? Dental anxiety is a common issue, often causing people to avoid dental care they need for optimal oral health. At Taylor Dental & Implant Center, we strive to make dental care stress-free and comfortable for our patients. We provide a relaxing atmosphere with many comfort amenities to pamper our patients. However, when extra help is needed to calm our patients, we also provide sedation dentistry options.

Sedation dentistry is often used for patients with dental anxiety. It allows them to reach a deeper state of relaxation to dispel any stress or anxiety. However, it can be used for other purposes as well. Some dental procedures are lengthy or more invasive. Sedation can help patients relax during these treatments, making the treatment time pass by quickly. Also, those with special needs like a sensitive gag reflex can benefit from sedation, making it easier for them and for our dental team.

Nitrous Oxide

For gentle, safe sedation, we offer nitrous oxide at our office. This “laughing gas” has been used for many decades to provide a calming effect during dental procedures. The effects create a sense of euphoria without affecting consciousness. The patient is awake and aware during their treatment, but they are in a relaxed state. It is safe enough to be used on children and the effects dissipate quickly with a few breaths of fresh air. Patients can drive home after their treatment, without lasting sedation effects that will jeopardize their motor skills.

We want all our patients to feel at ease and comfortable when coming to us for their oral care. If you have dental anxiety or other special needs that require sedation, contact Taylor Dental & Implant Center and talk to us about our options at your next appointment.

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