Seal Out Decay

dental sealant treatment

You put locks on your car doors to keep out a threat to your personal belongings and entrance to your vehicle. You have locks on your doors and windows to keep unwanted and uninvited guests from entering your home. These are common sense solutions to keep out what you do not want to enter. So, what are you doing for your teeth? How are you keeping out harmful cavities, damage, and decay?

Dental sealants are a preventative measure that is used for the sole purpose of sealing out harmful substances that have the potential to destroy your entire smile. Many people think of this procedure as one associated with children’s teeth, yet this procedure is available and can benefit patients of all ages. While it is true that the developing pre-molars and molars of children and adolescents need some extra protection, the design of these back teeth is the same in adulthood. The back teeth serve the purpose of helping to chew and grind foods so that they can be swallowed and easily digested. The pre-molars and molars have very rough surfaces, made up of many grooves and deep pits. Bacterial buildup frequently occurs on these back teeth because their deep crevices make them difficult to clean. Dental sealants are a material that is painted on these back teeth to literally seal out bacterial buildup from occurring.

Dental sealants are a painless and quick dental procedure, yet this simple procedure has the ability to protect your oral health. Done following a thorough dental cleaning, dental sealants are simply painted on the back teeth. Dental sealants are a thin plastic coating that seeps down into the deep crevices of the back teeth and fills the rough surfaces. Once the sealants have been applied, they are hardened with a special curing light to ensure that the sealants bond with the teeth. That is all there is to it! Each sealant takes approximately 2-3 minutes, making it a very quick way to protect your teeth from decay. As long as the dental sealants remain in the back teeth, these pre-molars and molars are protected from the invasion of bacteria, sugars, and acids. Dental sealants typically last 2-4 years. It is important to avoid chewing sticky foods and candies (Jolly Ranchers being the worst culprit) in order to keep from pulling the sealants loose from the teeth.

Dental sealants are an easy way to “seal out” decay. Contact Taylor Dental & Implant Center to learn more about this preventative procedure.

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