Root Canal Therapy

When a tooth becomes infected or diseased inside the root canals, the nerves are affected and can cause damage that cannot be reversed. If the infection is not stopped, the tooth can be lost. Root canal therapy is one general dentistry treatment to save severely infected teeth, removing the diseased portion of the tooth. Our team at Taylor Dental & Implant Center can perform gentle, effective root canals that can stop infected tooth pain and protect your tooth from extraction.

The inner pulp and nerves of your tooth are living tissue. When infection or decay reach the inner sanctum of the tooth, it can cause inflammation, infection and harm to this live tissue. In most cases, an infected tooth is painful. The inflammation presses on the nerves causing a dull, throbbing pain that does not go away. If left untreated, continued damage to the nerves can cause the tooth to die, eventually needing to be removed or falling out on its own.

Root Canals Offer Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

If you have a severe toothache, it could be deep decay or an infected tooth. Root canals can stop the pain by removing the diseased pulp and nerves from inside the tooth. Once the infected material is removed, the inner canals can be sterilized, repacked and sealed. This can save the tooth root and outer shell, but it may require a dental crown to protect the weakened tooth structure.

Many people fear root canals as they associate them with pain. However, root canal therapy is the best way to stop infected tooth pain, not the cause of it. Our dentists are experienced in performing root canal therapy, making it as quick and painless as possible. Contact Taylor Dental & Implant Center today if you need a root canal to save your tooth and stop the pain.

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