Have a Toothache? Don’t Ignore It.

patient with dental pain

The human body is a complex machine. Many people know that the body is made up of different systems, despite the fact that they often treat the body as a “whole.” One of the systems within the body is the oral system. This is made up of the teeth, tongue, cheeks, gum tissues, and jaw bone. As with all systems, when one part is damaged or not working properly, the entire system is compromised. A toothache needs to be viewed as a serious concern that impacts your entire mouth.

The mouth is unique in that it is made up of 32 individual living features. Each tooth has its own lifeline, with a direct blood supply, root system, and nerves. An infection in one tooth can cause the tooth to die. Yet, it does not stop there. Even though each tooth is an individual feature, all of the teeth work together to support one another and the jaw bone. When one tooth is infected, damaged, decayed, or dead, the neighboring teeth are susceptible to the same fate. Therefore, if you experience a toothache, don’t ignore it.

There are different causes of toothaches, and while some are minor issues, some are quite extensive. It is also important to note that a small issue can quickly turn into a big issue if it is not properly treated. With this in mind, many people have found themselves at the dentist for a pain or discomfort in a tooth or mouth only to learn that they had a popcorn kernel stuck below the gum line. While they often feel silly about this, their dentist is actually quite relieved that they came in. You see, if that popcorn kernel is not removed, it will begin to rot and cause serious infection.

A cracked tooth is another cause of a toothache. Cracked teeth generally occur from biting or crunching down on something hard (e.g. ice, hard candies). The pain occurs any time pressure is applied to the tooth when biting down because the crack opens and the sensitive roots are exposed.

One of the most serious causes of a toothache is an infection within the tooth. Any time an infection or decay reaches the root of the tooth, excruciating pain will be experienced.

Any symptom of pain or discomfort needs to be brought to your dentist’s attention sooner rather than later because your entire smile depends on it. Contact Taylor Dental & Implant Center with any of your oral health concerns.

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