Halitosis Treatment

There is more to halitosis than just the embarrassment of bad breath in social situations. Halitosis can be a symptom of serious dental or health issues that need to be addressed. If you or a family member have chronic bad breath that does not go away with brushing, flossing or mouthwash, you should seek general dental treatment. At Taylor Dental & Implant Center, we can help you determine the source of the halitosis and begin to put an end to bad breath while protecting your oral health.

Everyone gets bad breath from time to time. Certain foods and beverages can cause bad breath, but usually only temporarily. Bad morning breath is normal. Bacteria feed at night when you are asleep and can cause an odor in your mouth. However, most of these issues are remedied with good oral hygiene habits. In some cases, a tongue scraper or other treatments can be used to quell bad breath. It is when bad breath does not go away that it is considered chronic, or halitosis, and may need professional treatment.

Treatment for Bad Breath

Treatment for halitosis depends on what is causing the bad odor. Often it is a dental problem. A decayed tooth, gum disease or a deep tooth infection can all release a bad odor. This odor does not go away with brushing, mouthwash or mints, and they only cover it temporarily. If a dental issue is causing your halitosis, you need to treat the issue. Removing decay, undergoing a root canal for an infected tooth or receiving gum disease treatment can resolve the oral health issue and put a stop to your chronic bad breath.

Halitosis should not be ignored. It is not only embarrassing, it is likely a symptom of a serious dental issue. Contact Taylor Dental & Implant Center to schedule a checkup if you have chronic bad breath. Our dental team can determine whether you need dental treatment or if you should seek medical attention for your halitosis.

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