Emergency Dentistry

When you are in pain due to a decayed or infected tooth, or your child breaks a tooth in a playground accident, you need urgent dental care. At Taylor Dental & Implant Center, we never want our patients to wait when they have a dental emergency. We provide emergency dental care at our office in Oklahoma City for anyone that needs urgent dental treatment. This is whether you are an existing patient or new to our office. Just call our team, and we will make the needed arrangements to get you or your family member treated as soon as possible.

Dental emergencies are different than other medical issues. While you can go to the ER for a broken arm or illness, those medical facilities are not designed to handle dental problems. A broken tooth or severe oral infection is not something they can fix. You need a dentist with the right equipment and training to provide you with the care you need. Skip the long wait at the ER, and give us a call right away when you have a dental emergency. We can often see you the same day to address your urgent dental issue and give you relief.

Urgent Dental Care

There are many reasons you may need urgent dental care. Anytime you are in oral pain, you should call our office to schedule an appointment. Our caring dental staff will ask you a few questions and see if you need immediate care for your dental issue. We will do our best to make room in our schedule for you to come in that day. Most dental issues can be resolved in one appointment. We have the latest dental technology available to provide efficient and effective dental care, right in our office in Oklahoma City.

Do not hesitate to contact our office if you are in pain or have a damaged tooth. We accept dental insurance and have financing available to help you manage the unexpected cost of a dental emergency.

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