Nightguard for Bruxism – Teeth Grinding

Are you harming your teeth or jaw while you sleep? Teeth grinding and jaw clenching are referred to as bruxism and put excessive pressure on your teeth and jaw joint. While you can control clenching during the day while you are awake, it can be difficult to stop when you are sleeping. However, with our general dentistry services, you can protect your teeth and jaw from damage with the help of a nightguard from Taylor Dental & Implant Center.

Your jaw muscles are extremely strong, exerting hundreds of pounds of pressure when you clench your jaw. This is effective for chewing meat or other tough foods, but it can be damaging when there is nothing between the upper and lower teeth. Those who grind their teeth at night put extensive stress on the teeth. The grinding motion can wear down enamel and the pressure can fracture the teeth. Plus, the pressure can cause jaw joint issues, leading to TMJ/TMD and other painful jaw problems.

Nighttime Protection for Your Teeth

A dental nightguard offers a solution to bruxism sufferers, protecting your teeth while you sleep. Our dentist can create a customized dental nightguard that fits comfortably over your teeth, protecting the teeth while you sleep. The plastic guard puts a barrier between the upper and lower teeth to stop wear from grinding. It can also adjust the jaw to put less pressure on the joint. An extra bonus is that a nightguard can help alleviate snoring for many people, giving everyone in the house a good night’s sleep.

Do not let your nocturnal habits harm your teeth or cause jaw pain. Come see us at Taylor Dental & Implant Center to be fitted for a dental nightguard. We will customize your appliance so that it is comfortable to wear while effectively protecting your oral health. Contact our office today for a consultation and exam for bruxism treatment.

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