Composite Fillings

Repairing teeth does not need to ruin your white smile. With composite fillings, you can keep your teeth healthy using white composite resin that blends in with the color of your smile. As part of our cosmetic dentistry treatments at Taylor Dental & Implant Center, we can care for your oral health while still maintaining beautiful, white teeth using our color-matched fillings.

Composite fillings are the alternative to amalgam or metal fillings. While amalgam contains mercury and can make your teeth look gray, composite fillings can be color-matched to your teeth. White fillings can replace missing tooth material after decay is removed or fill cracks in damaged teeth. They can also be used to replace amalgam fillings you already have, improving the appearance of your smile. Composite fillings are durable and flexible, putting less stress on your teeth than metal. They offer a safe and lasting option when repairing teeth.

What is a Composite Resin?

Dental composite resin is made from materials like glass, plastics and ceramics to create a soft, pliable filling material. This resin can be applied in layers to your teeth then hardened using a special light. The process is quick and painless and leaves your teeth white and healthy. Composite resin is used in tooth repairs for fillings and bonding, but it can also be used to hide dental flaws like stains, discolorations and gaps in teeth. The color is so natural that it is almost impossible to see composite resin once it is smoothed and blended with the surface of your tooth.

You can keep a white smile, even with dental repairs. Taylor Dental & Implant Center offers white, composite fillings to help you maintain a beautiful smile while protecting your oral health. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Ask about our cosmetic dental bonding and composite fillings to improve the beauty of your smile during your next visit.

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