ClearCorrect Clear Braces

Do you have orthodontic issues that affect your smile? It is not necessary to use metal braces to correct crooked teeth, gaps and other alignment problems. ClearCorrect is an alternative to metal braces, using clear, plastic aligners to shift your teeth into their preferred position. At Taylor Dental & Implant Center, we offer ClearCorrect as one of our orthodontic options to provide our patients with healthy, beautiful smiles.

ClearCorrect aligners work like braces, applying gentle pressure to shift teeth into alignment. However, there are no wires or metal brackets attached to the teeth. ClearCorrect is a system of customized plastic aligners that fit over your teeth and are almost invisible. Most people will never know you are wearing them during your treatment. Each set of aligners is designed to bring your teeth closer to their final position. You receive a new set of aligners every few weeks until your treatment is complete. Treatment time is similar in length to braces. It can be a few months or over a year, depending on the extent of alignment needed.

Comfortable, Discreet Clear Aligners

What do people like about ClearCorrect over braces? Almost everything. They are clear and discreet, so there is no embarrassment that can accompany wearing braces. Plus, they are removable. You wear the aligners at least 22 hours a day, but you can remove them to eat or perform your oral hygiene. Our patients love that clear aligners are so much more comfortable than metal braces, and there are no poking wires or rubbing metal. Some of our patients wore metal braces as a teen and are very happy with how comfortable ClearCorrect aligners are in comparison.

ClearCorrect aligners are a wonderful orthodontic product that is made right here in the USA. If you need orthodontics and want a more discreet, comfortable solution than metal braces, contact Taylor Dental & Implant Center. We accept many insurance plans that provide coverage for orthodontics, and we have financing available.

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