Halitosis: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment in Oklahoma

Some people tend to think that having bad breath is normal. However, what they don’t know is that there are oral complications that are associated with bad breath especially if it is chronic. Here at  Taylor Dental & Implant Center, we diagnose the cause of chronic bad breath or known as halitosis and cure it […]

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Dental Treatments For Fixing Chipped Teeth in Oklahoma City

Chipped teeth can be caused by different factors such as injuries, accidents, cavities, bad bite, poor dental hygiene, and even excessive teeth grinding and clenching. There are different types of dental treatments that can help in fixing chipped teeth regardless of its state by providing comfortable and painless procedures. Taylor Dental & Implant Center understands […]

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Three Types of Cosmetic Dentistry in Oklahoma City, OK

A wonderful smile is one of the best assets that every individual can have. Precisely why Cosmetic Dentistry is popularly used by many patients who want to improve the aesthetic appearance of the mouth. Cosmetic Dentistry is composed of various dental procedures used to fix dental problems and enhance the appearance of the teeth, gums […]

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Dental Implants: Types and Procedure in Oklahoma

Dental Implants

Missing tooth caused by dental issues like tooth decay, injuries and gum disease can be restored by Dental Implant procedures. Dental implants are custom made titanium posts that serve as the tooth root to support the crown. They are securely attached to the jawbone to restore the functionality of the teeth. At Taylor Dental & […]

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Seal Out Decay

Oklahoma City OK Dentists

You put locks on your car doors to keep out a threat to your personal belongings and entrance to your vehicle. You have locks on your doors and windows to keep unwanted and uninvited guests from entering your home. These are common sense solutions to keep out what you do not want to enter. So, […]

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Know The Symptoms Of Oral Cancer

Oklahoma City OK Dentist

A cancer diagnosis is one of the scariest diagnoses to receive from the doctor or dentist. Even with all the research and advancement in treatment options, cancer still has a high death rate all across the world. Knowing the signs and symptoms of oral cancer is important and can save your life. While some of […]

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Have a Toothache? Don’t Ignore It.

OKC Dentist

The human body is a complex machine. Many people know that the body is made up of different systems, despite the fact that they often treat the body as a “whole.” One of the systems within the body is the oral system. This is made up of the teeth, tongue, cheeks, gum tissues, and jaw […]

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Protect Your Smile With Fluoride Treatments

Oklahoma City, OK Dentist

You will have two sets of natural teeth during your lifetime – one that will last into adolescence and one that is meant to last for the rest of your life. In order for this goal to become a reality, it is imperative that you make choices that will benefit your smile. Flossing every day […]

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Make Dental Visits a Priority


There are some things in life that are easy to prioritize and other things that are not so easy. Eating is easy to prioritize, but eating healthy is not always a priority – right? There are many other choices that you know you should make, yet they are not always easy to follow through on. […]

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Gum Disease and Pregnancy

Oklahoma City OK General Dentist

Pregnancy is an exciting time full of anticipation. For women who are pregnant for the first time, they are excited to experience all of the “firsts,” while women who are on a consecutive pregnancy are excited to experience many things again. With showers to attend, doctor appointments to keep, and weight gain to manage, it […]

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